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British Virgin Islands Citizenship

British Virgin Islands Citizenship

Acquiring British Virgin Islands citizenship is possible after a minimum period during which a foreign national has lawfully lived in the country and it is issued under the process for naturalization as a British Overseas Territory Citizen.

Observing the permanent residence requirements before applying for citizenship is a key step for all foreign nationals. If you are first interested in permanent residence as an investor looking to open a BVI offshore company in 2024, our team can help you apply for the relevant permits and help you open the company.

How can you acquire British Virgin Islands citizenship?

Foreign nationals can apply for citizenship in the British Virgin Islands in order to be recognized as a British Overseas Territory Citizen. This citizenship is obtained in connection with a qualifying territory, as is the case of the British Virgin Islands.

The rights of a British overseas territory citizen include being able to hold a British passport, as well as obtain consular assistance and protection from the different UK diplomatic posts. According to UK law, naturalisation is performed as per the British Nationality Act 1981. The main requirements are the following for those who apply in 2024:

  1. Residence: the applicant can apply for British Virgin Islands citizenship as a British Overseas Territory Citizen after five years of having continuously and lawfully resided in the BVI;
  2. Absent days: during this time, the total number of days the applicant was absent from the Territory cannot be higher than 90 days;
  3. Qualification: the individual will be assessed when making the application in order to comply with the condition to be “of good character”;
  4. Knowledge: the applicant must have sufficient knowledge of the English language and about life in the British Overseas Territory/the United Kingdom.

What are the supporting documents?

When an investor interested in BVI company formation who has been in the country for the prescribed time is ready to apply for recognition as a British Overseas Territory Citizen, the following document are required:

  • Birth certificate and residence card; marriage registration certificate, if applicable
  • Letter if financial support;
  • The valid passport and the expired passports, if applicable;
  • Local and foreign police records;
  • Trade license;
  • Certificate of good standing from the Inland Revenue and Social Security;
  • Photographs.

Other documents may be required when applying for British Virgin Islands citizenship, as per the applicant’s particular situation.

What are other important issues to know before applying?

The application will also include a fee:

  • $700 for the applicant who has a certificate of residence;
  • $500 for the spouse of an individual who has obtained the status of British Overseas Territories Citizen;
  • $400 for applicants who have a Belonger Status;
  • $150 when the mother of the individual was born in the Territory.

Please keep in mind that these fees can be subject to change and we advise those interested to reach out to our BVI company incorporation specialists for updated information.

How can you agents help me apply for British Virgin Islands citizenship?

Our team can help you gather the needed documents as well as provide you with complete details on how the process takes place. The application takes place in person and the expected turn around time of 6 months for applications for naturalisation as British Overseas Territory Citizen.

Having adequate assistance during this time can be important in order to make sure that you complete all the necessary steps and that you submit all of the needed documents with the Civil Registry and Passport Office, thus preventing any unwanted delays in the process.

Our team will also give you details about how the interview takes place. This is an essential step that is scheduled after the submission of the application form. During this process, the interview officer evaluates the documents and will inform the applicant if there are any missing documents.

Once the applicant receives the Naturalisation Certificate, he or she will participate in a swearing ceremony during which he or she takes the Oath of Allegiance/Pledge of Loyalty to Her Majesty the Queen. This is the final step, after which the applicant will receive the naturalisation certificate as a British Overseas Territory citizen.

BVI population statistics

Data from multiple sources illustrates how BVI’s population fluctuates:

  • In 2021, the country’s total population was reported to be 37,408, with 19,570 men and 17,838 women according to Government official statistics. However, according to the World Bank, the country’s population decreased to 31,305 in 2022;
  • In 2021, there were 210 naturalizations, a higher number when compared to previous years, such as 2019 when there were only 43 naturalizations. However, from 2020 onwards, this number has been increasing;
  • The total number of employees in 2021 stood at 20,747. During the same year, the country accommodated individuals from 122 different nationalities.

Our lawyers in BVI offer complete guidance and legal advice in all matters concerning immigration in 2024. We are a skilled and experienced team of attorneys who can also guide clients in a variety of other areas of law, such as employment law, real estate matters, contract law, private wealth, tax, or baking matters. You can reach out to our team for more information about our expertise.

If you are ready to apply for British Virgin Islands citizenship, our team is here to assist you. Contact us as needed.