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Register Offshore Mutual Funds in BVI

Register Offshore Mutual Funds in BVI

The mutual fund is a type of fund managed professionally that combines the assets collected from a large number of investors in order to purchase securities. The British Virgin Islands are a popular location for offshore mutual fund registration, give the favorable regulations, the zero-taxation regime for profits and capital gains and the lack of requirements for this type of fund.

In order to register an offshore mutual fund in BVI investors will need to follow a few key steps for the actual establishment, registration and licensing of the fund and observe the provisions of the BVI Mutual Funds Act. Our BVI company incorporation agents detail these steps and can help you with complete assistance.

BVI offshore mutual fund registration steps

The British Virgin Islands offer a set of general benefits for the formation of a mutual fund including but not limited to zero taxation on profits, operational flexibility and an overall light regulatory regime.

A number of steps are needed for the registration of a mutual fund and they are detailed below by our team of BVI company set up agents:

  1. Draft the articles of incorporation for the fund: this step includes the drafting of the Articles of Association and the Memorandum, the documents that will state the purpose of the fund.
  2. Designate a registered agent and a registered office: this is a mandatory step and can be handled with the help of our experts who offer these services.
  3. Obtaining the recognition: this is done by drafting an application for the purpose of obtaining a license as a recognized professional or private fund
  4. Make the application for the needed licenses: the BVI Financial and Services Commission receives all the applications for a Mutual Fund License
  5. Appoint the needed individuals: a fund will have an appointed director, custodian, auditor; a bank account also needs to be opened.

Complete offshore fund registration services in BVI

Our British Virgin Islands company formation agents can help you each step of the way during the registration and with complete management services, including registered agent and registered office services.

Our BVI lawyers provide clients with support and assistance in the following areas: choosing the legal entity form, company registration, offshore funds, banking and finance, drafting and vetting commercial agreements, representing clients in business negotiations as needed, liability issues, licensing, and more. We focus on effective legal solutions that allow our clients to solve problems in a timely manner.

Please contact us for more information about the BVI company set up process and any questions regarding fund registration.