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Moving to BVI from UK

Moving to BVI from UK

British nationals who want to immigrate to BVI from UK are not required to obtain a visa to enter the Islands, however, they will usually receive a one-month entry stamp upon their arrival.

Remaining in the BVI is possible with an extension, initially for one month, and, on some cases, for up to 6 months if approved by the Chief Immigration Officer, if the applicant can provide information on his or her financial means while in the Islands. In practice, foreign nationals, including British nationals, will apply for a residence permit according to their motive for remaining in the Islands for long-term purposes.

The British Virgin Islands, with their warm weather and beautiful beaches, offer not only a great holiday escape for UK nationals, but they can also be an ideal location to invest, start a business, or seek employment. These are some of the main reasons for moving to BVI from UK and if you intend to do so, especially when it is for business purposes, our BVI company formation specialists can help you.

Entry requirements for UK citizens

While there is no visa requirement to enter the Islands, it is mandatory to have a valid passport. Some of the conditions are listed below:

  • Passport: while the passport needs to be valid upon entry, it does not have to have at least six months until expiration for the holder to be able to enter the Islands;
  • Financial means: an entry requirement, and a condition for those who are interested in moving to BVI from UK for long-term purposes, if to be able to provide sufficient evidence of having adequate means of support;
  • Accommodation: the individual entering the BVI from the UK will also need to show that he or she has made accommodation arrangements in advance;
  • Others: the return or ongoing tickets, in most cases; for those who wish to extend their initial stay, other arrangements are to be made for return tickets.

Conditions for moving to BVI from UK

While the entry conditions are favorable for UK citizens, in the sense that they are permitted to enter (and to extend their stay) without a visa, they will need to make the necessary arrangements if they wish to remain in the Islands.

All individuals who do not belong to the British Virgin Islands will need to acquire a work permit if they wish to engage in remunerated activities. This is also the case of UK nationals, unless they qualify for an exemption from requirement. Otherwise, they will need a valid work permit to engage in any sort of gainful employment in the Islands.

A UK national who has moved abroad can still claim certain types of benefits. Included here is the fact that he or she can continue to receive the state pension while abroad. Information on the procedures are offered by the International Pension Centre.

If you plan on moving from the United Kingdom, our lawyers in BVI can not only answer all of your questions but can provide ongoing legal advice and guidance. You can rely on us for information about the employment laws, the rules for investors, as well as your rights and duties as a temporary or permanent resident. You can contact us at any time for legal assistance.

Becoming a BVI permanent resident

For many of those who relocate to the British Virgin Islands, including those who want to immigrate to BVI from UK, the main goal can be to become a permanent resident of the British Virgin Islands.

Certain conditions apply for this step and our team of BVI company formation agents lists the main ones below:

  1. Minimum residence: an individual wishing to acquire permanent residence needs to reside in the Islands consecutively for 20 years;
  2. Permitted absence: during this time, the applicant can have a period of absence from the Islands of no more than 90 days in a calendar year;
  3. Supporting documents: valid identification document, proof of social security benefits, proof of accommodation, police certificate, medical certificate, others as may be needed in the applicant’s particular case;
  4. Processing time: between 2 and 3 business days.

The application will stipulate the individual’s intension of residing permanently in the British Virgin Islands and it is submitted to the Immigration Department (it includes the filled-in application form, as well as the supporting documents). If the application is approved, the individuals will collect it and make the needed fee payments. Once the process is complete, the individual will hold the Belonger Card.

UK entrepreneurs interested in relocating to BVI should know that there is no citizenship or residency by investment programme, however, they can always choose to open an IBC, the most commonly used business form by foreigners, with no constraints concerning nationality or residency constraints.

We are a team of attorneys in BVI who offer complete legal services to foreign nationals interested in relocation. However, we also specialize in other areas of law and can answer questions concerning business and commercial law, contract law, tenant and landlord disputes, employment issues (including dismissals and employee rights), as well as other matters concerning real estate.

You can always contact us for more information on moving to BVI from UK. Whether you are an investor looking to open a company or wish to relocate to the Islands for another purpose, we can help you by answering some of the most important questions about the current entry requirements.