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Notary Public in BVI

Notary Public in BVI

Certain documents used for company incorporation or other business/commercial or personal purposes in the British Virgin Islands are subject to an official certification. The notary public in BVI is the one to handle this step and will also provide a number of other services.

Foreign investors who wish to open an offshore company in BVI will find that using these services is mandatory. Our team of incorporation experts can give you more details about the required documents and when to schedule an appointment with a professional who will help certify/authorize the needed documents.

Find out the answers to some of the most common questions about notary services below and feel free to reach out to us if you need details on this process.

What documents are subject to notarization in BVI?

notary public in BVI can help you with the notarization of a number of documents. The notarization is the process during which a document is signed and receives the seal of the registered notary, for the purpose of avoiding any fraudulent use of the respective document. In other cases, the notarization is performed with the purpose of attesting the proper execution of the document and its genuineness.

The notary public in BVI is able to provide assistance with the following:

  • – certify signatures when the document is executed in front of the notary;
  • – provide a true copy (a notarized copy) after having seen the original document;
  • – notarize documents in a foreign language;
  • – administer oaths and take an affidavit (the verified statement that can serve in court proceedings).

What is document legalization in BVI? When is it required?

Documents that have been notarized can be legalized, if this step is required. This is an additional step and it allows the holder of the document to use it in another country other than the one in which it was executed by the notary.

The BVI is a signatory state of the Hague Convention, meaning that is can use apostillation instead of (or as a form of) legalization. The apostille can be required when the document issued in BVI will be used in another jurisdiction that is a signatory state. For this to be possible, the document is first notarized by a notary public in BVI and then the apostille is attached (affixed) to the document. It further conforms the signature of the notary or the government official that issued the document. When the document was issued by a government body, its notarization is not mandatory – this may apply in case of a company’s BVI certificate of incorporation or a certificate of good standing for a company.

When should I contact a notary public in BVI?

It is customarily to request the services of a notary as soon as you determine that you will need a notarized or legalized document for a certain purpose. In most cases, you can schedule your appointment with the notary public in BVI in advance, and in 2021 most notaries will encourage this practice. Scheduling your visit ahead of time will also allow your agent in BVI (if working with one) to prepare the documents that will be processed and make sure that the files you submit to the notary are all of the needed ones.

Entrepreneurs who are just starting their business as well as companies that have been providing their services for years in the Islands will find that they require the services of a notary public in BVI. The services provided by these experts are also required by individuals who wish to handle various personal matters that may be related to immigration (for which the certification of their personal documents may be needed) or for property purchase purposes. In some cases, you can also request these services when moving to British Virgin Islands.

If you need the services of a notary when you wish to apply for British Virgin Islands residency, you can reach out to our experts.

Legal representation in front of a notary public is part of the services offered by our local team of lawyers in BVI. Our attorneys are experienced in many areas of law and can act as a legal representative for clients who cannot be always present in the country. We also offer legal services and guidance in areas concerning corporate law, employment law, real estate or intellectual property matters.

Company formation in BVI

The easy company formation process, as well as the lack of income tax are two of the most important reasons why foreign investors choose to base an offshore business in BVI. According to the Statistical Bulletin, the available data shows the following:

  • – total number of companies: at the end of June 2019 there were 396,932 business companies included in the Register;
  • – quarterly incorporations: in the second quarter of 2019 there were 6,365 incorporation and in the second quarter of 2018 the number was larger, at 9,126;
  • – company services: the Register processed 34,093 company name reservations in Q2 2019 and 1,625 requests for certifications; 20,757 requests for the registration of directors were processed during the same period.

If you are in need of services provided by a notary public in BVI, our team can help you. Contact us for more information on the documents that are prepared for company incorporation, the procedures and steps.